Phil Ponsford

Phil Ponsford is the Deputy Chief Cyber Officer for ASTAARA Company Ltd, a specialist cyber insurance and risk management firm that provides maritime companies with a comprehensive risk management and risk transfer response to the cyber threats that they face. Phil joined Astaara in Feb 21 following a 31 year career in the Royal Navy that included the full range of operational and command assignments at sea and operational deployments ashore. He authored the first cyber guidance publication for the Royal Navy that focused on how ships interact with and are affected by the cyber environment and this was later adopted by NATO. His penultimate RN assignment was as Deputy Director of the UK National Maritime Information Centre, a cross-government organization that draws together experts from 14 different government agencies and departments, including the military, to deal with the full range of maritime security threats including national security and criminal that the UK faces. This included working closely with US and European partners to establish the first frameworks for maritime cyber regulatory compliance.