Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca’s background is in insurance and technology, having spent 10 years working in the sector driving transformational change both in external consulting and industry operations roles, and now in her current role as Client Success Director at Insurwave.

After falling into insurance technology consulting in the London Market, Rebecca has taken a keen interest in specialty insurance and its unique operational challenges. After three years at Watertrace, Rebecca joined the EY Insurance Advisory team and held key roles across large scale technology and operational transformation, digital strategy, target operating model and change management projects. Prior to joining Insurwave in early 2020, Rebecca spent two years in industry working in Aspen’s business transformation team.

Rebecca is passionate about working with organisations across the sector to understand their pains and needs and shaping and delivering solutions to solve for these. Rebecca’s mission, on behalf of Insurwave, is to build and deploy technology that connects the specialty insurance market – enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency to create space for innovation and growth.